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Coincident with what has been described in the tomato genome, where the P69C subtilase clusters with three additional P69C-like ORFs (i.e. P69A, P69D, P69C, and P69B) [29], the SBT3.3 subtilase gene was similarly embedded in a genomic cluster encompassing three additional subtilases (i.e. SBT3.5, SBT3.4, SBT3.3 and SBT3.2) in Chromosome 1 (Fig. 1A). Thus, it seems very likely that the Arabidopsis SBT3.3 subtilase, could represent the evolutionarily conserved ortholog of the P69C subtilase from tomato, and the promoter activation was the clue for identifying the csb3 mutant.

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Reverse genetic analysis was applied to identify the Arabidospsis SBT3.3 gene, encoding a serine protease of the subtilisin clan, which is pivotal in control of a priming mechanism that leads to sensitization for activation of SA-dependent defense responses and IR. SBT3.3 overexpression in transgenic Arabidopsis plants elicited enhanced disease resistance to pathogens. However, this enhanced resistance was not preceded by a high constitutive expression of SA-responsive genes as occurs in different disease resistant mutants, which in general carry associated dwarfism, such as in cpr1, edr1 or csb3 [26, and references therein] to mention a few. Instead, the SBT3.3-mediated resistance can be explained by accelerated and heightened activation of SA-responsive genes, only elicited by pathogen inoculation, therefore mimicking a wild type plant activated for priming. This phenotype is blocked in a sid2 mutant background, which lacks SA, and is also blocked in the npr1 mutant affected in signaling downstream of SA. SBT3.3 thus functions as a positive regulator of innate immunity operating upstream of the SA pathway. Consistent with the gain-of-function phenotype, SBT3.3 suppression impairs induction of SA-responsive genes and causes enhanced susceptibility to infection by pathogens.

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