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The dunk meter in NBA 2K23 returns once more this year.this is much like the shot meter as you want to time your dunk or layup in the green field of a participant.Timing is key for dunks in NBA 2K23 as all finishes require the shot meter irrespective of layup,dunk,or alley-oop NBA 2K23 MT.

the size of the inexperienced container will range.The better dunk score and function of a player will result in a higher danger of finishing the circulate.If an opponent is guarding the paint,it's going to most probably cause a extra difficult end.

tendencies and specialties like Lob town Finisher or Fearless Finisher give gamers a special improve when attempting to finish dunks near the rim.

What contact dunk requirements do you need to dunk in 2K23

To carry out touch dunks in need to meet the following requirements:

off-seasonedlow season touch Dunks:84+driving Dunk and 70+VerticalPro Alley-Oop:70+riding Dunk and 60+VerticalElite touch Dunks:ninety two+driving Dunk and 80+VerticalElite Alley-Oop:eighty five+using Dunk and 60+VerticalPro Bigman touch Dunks:80+status Dunk,65+Vertical and at least 6’10”Elite Bigman status contact Dunks:90+status Dunk,75+Vertical and as a minimum 6’10”Small touch Dunks:86+riding Dunk,85+Vertical and underneath 6’five″

Equipping the nice dunking badges can enhance your chances of a contact dunk.

Elite finishers have a better danger to complete touch dunks over defenders.gamers that have the offlow season or elite applications can liberate touch dunks,but the difficulty to complete will increase over defenders with excessive paint defense and blocks Cheap MT 2K23.


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