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[S2E10] Coming Home

BUT YOU GUYS: They are not the only family coming together on Christmas. Okay, so the FOX promo department kind of blew the big surprise but it is exciting nonetheless: Um, Bobby and Athena are engaged!

[S2E10] Coming Home

Dave and I were excited to work in our old neighborhood in Downtown Bentonville when Kate and Wes Walker asked us to update their ranch home. When they purchased this house three years ago, Kate could immediately see beyond the dark and outdated interior and into the future potential of this house, while Wes was skeptical.

The Walkers needed more desk and cabinet space in this room where the children have homeschool. They wanted the shared wall with the kitchen removed to open up this space, but also have the option to close it off.

The team checks out the journalist's home, but although they find anticonvulsive drugs, they don't explain the symptoms. Chase is challenging Foreman for his lack of confidence in his opinions, figuring that Foreman's former confidence was the result of having House to fall back on.

The hallucinations continue when he sees what is either a flashback or an imagined carporial conversation with Rebecca. He tells her of his past life as Robbie, scared that it will always define him despite his newfound faith. Rebecca proves forgiving, beckoning her husband to finish his job and come home quickly.

The home featured in Zombie House Flipping season two episode ten is among the oldest homes the Zombie team has ever tackled. Built in 1925 and located in Delaney Park, this two-story zombie gave the team some serious worry at first.

After they checked out the property up close, the team saw even more ugly warts on their zombie. Even though the home was situated directly on Lake Copeland, an ancient travertine flooring pattern, mismatched master suite, and outdated windows made the $417,000 asking price a risky proposition for the Zombie team.

The MHM Professional Staging team enjoyed the challenge of staging this massive, 100-year-old zombie. We had to find just the right pieces to compliment the freshly renovated historic elements of the home. We also wanted to make sure to draw attention to the distinct architectural features.

The formal dining room was an elegant space that called for a formal dining set. The table and chairs we chose fit right into the style of the home. Minimal table accessories allowed the focus to remain on the room itself and that gorgeous wainscoting.

We loved staging this nearly 100-year-old zombie for season two episode ten of Zombie House Flipping. The zombie team really knocked this one out of the park and we think the refurbished windows really give this home such amazing charm. Be sure to watch the full episode to catch all the challenges this home presented. Sign in to your TV Provider to watch Zombie House Flipping online.

The next day, Seon-Bin, Seok-Min, Jae-Hak have ice cream together and discuss the five surgeons. They talk about their band name: Gongnyong ridge. They originally started as a hiking club. Jeong-Won loves hiking and has always wanted to hike that ridge. Unfortunately, they have never done it and always go to the entrance to take pictures and go back home.

She explains how she was always scared coming home from school and decided to study hard to move away. She tells him she had to go see her last month because her father badly beat her up and she was in hospital. Gyeo-Wool admits she wants to see him everyday but her mother needs her. Jeong-Won understands and is happy just to see her in hospital. He has, as always, some kind words and tells her not to feel guilty. They then agree to meet for dinner at least once a week.

The episode ends with Seok-Hyeong finally asking Min-Ha out for dinner next weekend. In the ER, they get a call from the ambulance as a doctor from Yulje is coming after being hit at the back of the head.

Abby tells the other two that she has to deal with cute day in and day out. Jessalynn still thinks if they send JoJo home on Performance Week, they are crazy. Lady! Please! This week perhaps most of all!

I was at my parents' home in Canada, preoccupied. And I actually conducted the interview with Frantz in my rental car, on my cell phone with my little tape recorder on the dashboard with someone in Minnesota recording Robert Frantz's end of the conversation. But now, I wish I'd met him face to face because I found what he had to say about the obligation of a son to his father to be unexpectedly beautiful.

RF: Well, their home is about 90 miles from where I live down here in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic, and so what I did is I would drive up there after work and spend a couple hours in the evening looking around and going through files and I, I did that three or four times before I actually found the files that were of interest. And on that third or fourth time, I really came to, truly, one of the back corners of the basement and there was a moldering old cardboard box there that I opened up and I just immediately thought to myself, "Eureka. I have found it."

RF: My dad would occasionally come home and say, "Hey, let's look at the lipids in the family," and, and we'd line up and my mom would draw our blood, because she felt she was better at it than my father, and he'd bring it down to the lab and look at our lipid profiles.

MG: The Minnesota portion of the heart study took years to set up. It involved 6 different mental hospitals around Minnesota and one nursing home, for a total of more than 9,000 research subjects. It ran for five years, from 1968 to 1973, with a long follow up period. To this day, it stands as one of the most rigorous diet trials ever conducted.

When I interviewed Robert Frantz, I had just lost my father three days before. That's why I was at home in Canada. I was going to cancel the interview, but in the end, that seemed as much trouble as doing it. So I sat in my rental car, on my cellphone, and as Robert Frantz talked about his father, it seemed to me that he was describing my father as well, Graham Morris Leslie Gladwell, an academic, a mathematician, slender, a full head of hair. He would sit at his desk at home and write his mathematics papers in elegant longhand, pencil, eraser, all just so. Maybe if my father hadn't just died, I wouldn't have made that connection, but then and there, it seemed inescapable. And the more I listened, the more I realized that Frantz was talking about things that I had been thinking about as well. What is a child's obligation to his parent?

As Walt prepares to return to work, Skyler convinces him to stay home, wanting him in good shape for a party she is planning, celebrating his remission. As soon as she leaves, Walt calls Jesse. The duo eat at Taco Sal, where Jesse is happy to hear that Walt is in remission. Jesse wonders how they'll proceed in "light of this kickass news.", Walt says that he plans to retire from the drug trade after they unload the remaining meth.

In the throne room, Joffrey hands out rewards to the heroes of the Battle of Blackwater. Lord Tywin is named Hand; Lord Petyr Baelish is given Harrenhal. Given a chance to choose his prize, Loras Tyrell asks that his family and Lannisters be formally joined through marriage as Margaery remains a virgin. Although Joffrey protests that he is engaged to another, his Small Council grants him permission to cast Sansa aside. Sansa secretly revels in her change in circumstance-until Littlefinger tells her it won't stop Joffrey from abusing her. Littlefinger offers to take her home, and when Sansa says King's Landing is her home now, he informs her she's not the liar she thinks she is.

The Prince of Pyke rallies his men in the courtyard of Winterfell and instructs them to fight to their deaths and become the stuff of legend: "Girls will think of us with their lovers inside them." As his rousing speech comes to a close, Dagmer Cleftjaw knocks Theon out and tells the men they are going home. When Luwin sees what has happened, Dagmer spears him through the stomach.

Varys tells Tyrion that Queen Cersei instructed Mandon Moore to attack him during the fighting. Tyrion refuses to believe his sister's treachery, but instructs Pod to summon Bronn for protection. Varys breaks the news to him: Bronn has been relieved of his duty, the Hill tribesmen have returned home, and even Varys must abandon him. As a final gesture, Varys sends in Shae to comfort Tyrion, and thanks him for saving the city-no one else ever will. Shae peels the bandages off of Tyrion but refuses to let him wallow in self-pity. She tells him they should leave for Pentos-it's clear he's not wanted in King's Landing-but Tyrion won't leave. He belongs in King's Landing, where the game is played. Shae promises to stay with him.

Dany and her horde go to Xaro Xhoan Daxos' house, where they find him in bed with Doreah. Taking his key, Dany unlocks his secret vault and discovers it is empty. Xaro and Doreah plead for their lives, but Dany locks them in vault. The Dothraki pillage Xaro's home to earn enough for a ship.

-- Joffrey rewards Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish with Harrenhal for persuading the Tyrells to form an alliance with the Lannister army in time to save King's Landing. Loras Tyrell asks Joffrey to seal their alliance by marrying his sister Margaery, and Joffrey is persuanded by his mother to accept and "cast aside" Sansa. Sansa is overjoyed at being rid of the prospect of Joffrey as a husband, but Littlefinger soon brings her back to earth by implying that Joffrey will still turn on her. He offers to bring Sansa home, for the sake of Catelyn Stark (with whom he was once in love). However, Littlefinger isn't safe either: Lard Varys is in the process of undermining him with the help of Ros.

-- Daenerys finally goes to the House of the Undying to take her dragons back from the warlock, Pyat Pree. Upon entering, she has a very realistic vision of her late husband and son; but she realizes it is an illusion and abandons them. She finds her dragons chained to a table in a small room, when Pyat Pree appears and binds her arms to the walls. He explains that the power of the dragons enhances the magic in Qarth, and that her presence makes the dragons more powerful, so he intends to keep her imprisoned in Qarth forever. Realizing that the dragon's abilities to breathe fire has been enhanced, Daenerys has them burn Pyat Pree to death and break the chains. When she comes back to Xaro Xhoan Daxos's house, she finds him in bed with one of her former servants. She has them both locked in Daxos's empty vaults (he lied about the extent of his wealth) and, with Ser Jorah and the remaining Dothraki, loots Daxos's home to buy a ship. 041b061a72


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