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in africa, "hunting" does not mean that you go out with a gun and kill animals. it means that you walk to find animals and you either try to eat them, or sell them in the marketplace. the only problem is that there is an explosion of animals every year, and the market is flooded with animals. however, the animals are not always killed by hunters, and if they do not eat them, then they are usually sold. so the buying and selling of animals is a big part of a hunter's life.

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the problem of the price was still there. i was now sitting a few yards from the ground, but only able to hear every word that was said. the man in front of me had his hands in his pockets, and was leaning back on his knees. he was very tall, and he smiled at me with a vacant look in his eyes. his breath stank, and his body was covered in a light gray dust. i could see his white bones, and his long, dirty black hair. he reached out with his right hand and grabbed me by the wrist. he was holding my hand with both his hands now, squeezing it hard. i tried to pull it away, but he had a grip like a vice. i tried to move my arms, but i was no longer free. i could feel my skin tingling, and i knew that it would soon start to hurt. i tried to yell for help, but i couldn't talk. my mouth was too dry. i shouted and shouted, but no sound would come out. i cried out, "please, stop, don't hurt me!" but it was like a child's scream. it sounded silly and childish.

my eyes opened. i felt, for the first time in my life, peaceful and almost sleepy. it was cold, and i sat up, and took my pajamas off. i felt no pain, and felt no cold. my heart was warm, and i felt like i could finally breathe. my eyes were open. my arms were free. i was alone in a large room. i looked down at my arms. they were strong. my body seemed to be made of stone. and then, i felt something i had never felt before. it was a power, a strength, something i had never known. i was calm. i felt a peace that i had never known.


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