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Where To Buy 303 High Tech Fabric Guard

Textiles treated with a high quality fluoropolymer fabric protector are protected in several ways: Treated materials stay cleaner longer, and clean up much easier when finally soiled. Protection against both water-based AND oil-based stains. This includes protection from stains from grease, oils, lotions, body oils, sweat and other biologics, food and beverages.

where to buy 303 high tech fabric guard


I just applied the 303 high tech fabric guard to the boat cover and bimini. Took the cover (evolution) to the local laundrymat and washed it. Then waited for a nice 80 degree day, strung a rope between 2 ladders and stretched the cover...a little breezy, but spayed the cover, let it bake/cure for the afternoon and placed it on the boat when done.

Remarkably-and a testament to the durability of Sunbrella-not even the untreated controls leaked during light-spray testing. However, the untreated samples did wet quickly, wick, and drip where the frame made contact. All of the test products continued to prevent seepage for over 60 days, even though surface beading stopped by that time on some samples. Well-sewn seams were no more prone to leaks than plain fabric.

NikWaxs wax-based products, while effective, had a reputation for attracting dirt. The TX-Direct uses a completely different technology, formulated for use with more technical modern fabrics. As a result, this product is also the most suitable of the group for use on rain gear and windbreakers.

The jerseys, retailing for $120, are an amalgam of artful sewing and high-tech fabrics, notably the PRO-Transfer Aero line. The bib shorts feature aerodynamic dimpling similar to that found on a golf ball, plus a three-dimensional molded chamois where the rider meets the bike saddle. The shorts go for $165. 041b061a72


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